Food Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

There are some countries where food safety standards are not always high, meaning that the risk of contracting a disease or illness is much higher than usual. It’s important to know how to handle these situations safely.

Plan Ahead About the Food Before Taking a Travel

You don’t need to go for the most expensive option. You can even use the same travel container you use for your lunch at home. Remember to plan about what will be on your plate and make sure it’s something you would enjoy eating. Take along snacks like nuts, crackers, cheese, fruit, cereal bars, low carb foods, dried pasta, rice, and beans. Avoid salty junk food, fast food, or greasy foods because they might trigger stomach problems.

Stay Hydrated During Your Trip

As important as a healthy diet is, staying hydrated is just as crucial. Drink plenty of water each day to avoid dehydration. Be sure to keep bottles of water around so you stay prepared when it’s time to drink. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee since caffeine affects the body differently than water does. Also, don’t forget to include fluids from alcoholic beverages. This helps reduce heartburn and dehydration too.

Visit a Health-care Provider Before You Go

Bringing your medical records with you can help the doctors identify any issues or diseases you may have. Depending on your country’s health care system, it’s possible to get appointments by using an insurance card or your passport. Make sure to bring all relevant medical information and ask if there is anything else special you should bring along.

Pack Smartly

Do you remember what happened last time you brought a bottle of juice back from a trip? Most likely either you forgot about the plastic baggie inside the bottle or you didn’t take it off before pouring the contents into a different vessel. Either way, you end up getting sick. To prevent this happen again, pack a small plastic baggie with things like cutlery, spices, paper napkins, straws and toothpicks that could potentially cause harm if left inside a glass jar. Pack a zip lock bag containing cotton balls or tissues to clean messy spills (no need to wash hands if you do spill). Keep a towel handy to wipe away messes or stains on table linens.

Keep Your Guard Up

If you visit restaurants while abroad, consider keeping a close eye on your food. If you suspect there’s been tampering or contamination, leave immediately. Ask questions and inspect items carefully. Be wary about buying meat products from street vendors. Try to purchase them only from grocery stores and markets.


Travelling is fun and exciting. It’s also stressful. When preparing for your next adventure, ensure you are well-prepared. Follow these tips to help prevent problems when going on vacation overseas.