Amazing Ways to Travel For Free

Travelling for free is one way to escape the rat race. There are so many things to see and experience around the world. From exotic beaches to historic cities, there is no shortage of places to visit. And, if you’re willing to look, you can easily find cheap flights to destinations around the world. Here is an article with the ways to travel for free.


In a lot of cases, Couchsurfing will provide you with accommodations if you don’t have any other place to stay. The site lists houses, apartments, lodges, rooms, guesthouses and couch-surfing spaces that anyone can use at a low cost (or even for free). To get started, simply search for a country in which you’d like to travel or set up an account using Facebook where you can then browse user-profiles and ask people directly whether they’re interested in hosting. You’ll also be able to save money by joining local groups through the website dedicated to your destination and sharing tips on how to save more money while travelling.

Research What’s Free in the Places you are Going

If there’s anything I regret about travelling, it has nothing to do with my experiences while travelling has everything to do with not doing enough research before making big purchases like hotels, flights and tours. It’s easy to spend a ton of cash getting from A to B when you don’t know where else to go or need to make sure there are museums worth visiting. Use apps like Free trip and Hopper to help you find airfare deals, Airbnb for vacation rentals, Yelp for recommendations and TripAdvisor for hotel reviews. Using the information available online and offline, you should be able to plan your trip for less than half of what you would pay elsewhere.

Consider Hitchhiking

I had always heard that hitchhiking was dangerous but never really believed it until I took a road trip across Australia. Hitchhiking may seem hard, but for solo travellers who speak English, it’s often easier than trying to book a room alone. Plus, you get to meet locals instead of relying on expensive tourism packages. Car-sharing services like Turo and RelayRides make it possible to rent out your vehicle to people heading in the same direction as you. If you decide to give this option a try, first consider what type of vehicle is best suited for you.

Camp or sleep in overnight transportation

Another great way to save money on your next adventure is to camp or sleep in overnight transportation. This includes buses, trains and ships. Instead of paying for lavish accommodations, try sleeping in these vehicles during long trips. Some companies offer special rates or discounts depending on the length of the trip and other factors.

In conclusion, these are some of the ways to travel for free while playing an online